Tidewater Diagnostic Imaging is grateful for the opportunity to have served the patients of Williamsburg and Hampton Roads with high-quality radiology services for over two decades. After February 5, 2023, TDI is no longer providing services. Below is information that may be helpful to former patients of TDI:

1. For patients who wish to request copies of images, imaging studies, or clinical records related to services received at Sentara facilities from Tidewater Diagnostic Imaging providers, information about requesting medical records held by Sentara is available BY CLICKING HERE. Please note that the appropriate Sentara facility is the custodian of all images and clinical records for services provided at Sentara facilities.

2. For patients who received a bill from Tidewater Diagnostic Imaging and would like to request copies of medical billing records, please contact:
Tidewater Diagnostic Imaging, Ltd
PO Box 844723
Boston MA 02284-4723

Release of records will require a written request of a patient or an authorized representative and reasonable charges that do not exceed the actual costs of copying and mailing or delivering the records may apply.

3. For patients with questions about a current bill or outstanding balance with Tidewater Diagnostic Imaging, please contact:
Tidewater Diagnostic Imaging, Ltd
c/o Credit Control Corporation,
PO BOX 120568,
Newport News, VA 23612-0568
Toll-Free: 877-277-6336